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"We're just a small company. I was struggling with the idea of if I was big enough to use something like this – was I getting in over my head? I was worried my pumpers being in their 50s and 60s may not take to the change...

But the ease of use of GreaseBook has really exceeded my expectations. To take guys who have never used any kind of production software before – when your go from writing it down by hand or from Excel to using an app on your phone or tablet – I thought it was going to be a big hurdle. But once we rolled it out, it really surprised me how easy it was, how quickly they were able to get used to it. 

As a matter of fact, all my pumpers love it and are in the process of adding the other wells for which they contract pump!"

How simple is GreaseBook software to use for yourself and pumpers? 

GreaseBook software has been really easy for me to get started with and then I rolled it out to my pumpers once I decided that I was going to stick with it. As a matter of fact, all of my pumpers love it and are in the process of adding their other wells, their contract for me. 

They're going to add their other wells onto the program that they can use it on their phone. Some of them have iPads and it just works. It's real simple. All my pumpers are in their fifties or sixties and they're a little hesitant to start at first using it. But once they got started and went through it, they got really used to it and they liked the fact that [00:01:00] doesn't create any more work the end of the month for them.

If you would, please introduce yourself and explain where you're located and what your company does and where is the majority of your production located? 

My name is Dallas Golden. I am the owner of Golden Oil and Ranch. I'm an exploration and production company based in Midland, Texas. All of my production is in west Texas. I got a wells [00:01:30] in Winkler County, Reynolds County, Nolan County, Menard County, Hector County. And so we operate the wells. We drill wells, work on wells and produce oil and gas.

What was it like before you started working with GreaseBook? 

Before we started working with GreaseBook, we were based 100% on Excel, so [00:02:00] the pumpers would either use their own computer and put the tank gauges in an Excel program that I created or that they created if they already had one. And at the end of the month they would email or mail those in. Some of them just did hand gauges and then I would by hand put the tank gauges and water meter and water gauges into [00:02:30] my Excel sheet because my tank gauges were sometimes a little bit different than theirs. And I would use the run tickets to kind of balance everything. And then I would use my version and submit it to the [inaudible 00:02:47] commission.

What specific problems were you trying to solve with GreaseBook? 

One of the problems we were trying to solve with GreaseBook was getting [00:03:00] the time from when a well has a problem in production to when I know about it, down to that day. A lot sometimes what would happen, a pumper wouldn't really catch that we were losing some production, but until the end of the month when I got the run tickets then I would be able to see that and [00:03:30] then I would be able to take action on that. But with getting the production daily, I can see what we're making daily. We're drilling new wells right now and it's really important to see what these new wells are doing every day. What the pressures are doing. And my investors are interested in seeing what the wells are doing every day. I can send reports out very easily instead of having to transfer it by hand in an email, I can just go on GreaseBook's [00:04:00] website, generate a report, email that out straight from the website.

What makes GreaseBook stand out from other industry software you've seen or worked with in the past?

In the past I've worked with larger companies, some of the majors and the software that they had was really robust. It was way out of my price range. I'm a small company, independent exploration [00:04:30] and production company, and I just don't have the budget to buy any kind of program like that. And It wouldn't make sense. It's too involved. It requires a staff to help run it and I don't have the capacity to help run the program.

And GreaseBook is really made to run on an iPhone or Android or a [00:05:00] iPad and that works. We don't have to buy anymore hardware, we don't have to go out and buy any kind of special, one of those laptops that could be used out in the field. We can use what we've already had. People know how to work their phones, they know how to take pictures with it. And so there was very little training required, once we got started.

One of the obstacles I had to overcome to start working with GreaseBook was I'm just a very small company. It's just me and all my pumpers are contract pumpers. And I was really just struggling with the idea of am I big enough to use something like this yet? Am I ready for something? Am I going to get in over my head? [00:06:30] And I was worried that my pumpers being in their fifties and sixties that they might not take to the technology or the change. And so, those are two of the really the main obstacles that I had to get over before trying GreaseBook.


The ease of using GreaseBook has exceeded my expectations. To take guys who have never used this kind of software before, have never used any kind of production software before in the past, like you would if you were working for a major, going from writing it down by hand or using Excel to using an app on your phone or an iPad was going to be a big hurdle, [00:07:30] I thought. And so once we rolled it out, it really surprised me how easy it was for the pumpers to use it and how quickly they were able to get used to it and they really like it. They don't have any more work at the end of the month. 

They don't have to mail anything in. It's very accurate. They can take pictures, if we have a problem and I know about it right then. And like I said, they almost [00:08:00] all the pumpers are trying to get the other operators they pump for on board with GreaseBook.

If I had a business associate that was thinking about GreaseBook, I would kind of tell him my story. [00:08:30] Whenever GreaseBook first came out, I saw them come out, I don't know, on some kind of advertisement, maybe Facebook or something. And I feel like that was in 2014, 2015 and I talked with Greg, the owner back then, and really was, ask them a lot of questions about it and kind of followed the progress. I didn't want to jump in with the company and [00:09:00] then not be around in a few years. And so I watched them for a long time and you have to come to a point where you're just going to try it out. And GreaseBook has a money back return policy.

I would just recommend to try it. And you can look at it, you can study it, you can talk about it, but with a money back guarantee you can do it like I did and I just did it myself. I didn't tell my pumpers about it. I decided I'm going to [00:09:30] get everything I need. I'm going to act like the pumper. And for about a month I did that. And I loved it. I knew I would love it, but I thought, yeah, I think this is going to work for me. 

And if you really just try it out, there's really not any downsides that I've seen. If you don't like it, you have a money back return guarantee. There's really no risk to the operator.

If I, when I'm using the GreaseBook, I use it on my iPhone most of the time [00:10:30] just because I'm connected to cellular through that. If I'm out in the field and I want to make an adjustment, if I go gauge my own tanks, if the pumper's gone, then I'll use my phone. I also have an iPad that I had prior to getting GreaseBook and I've installed it on that and I prefer the iPad over everything. It's really easily, I had one of my pumpers go buy an iPad from Best Buy just because they really liked [00:11:00] having a bigger screen and they wanted to use GreaseBook for other operators. Yeah, my phone's probably been my preferred unless I'm in WiFi then I'll use my iPad. Using it on a computer is really easy. You can see the graphs really well. It's how I'll send out reports to my working interest owners.

And I have it set up to where every Monday 9:00 o'clock is sends out a report on a select number of wells to those owners [00:11:30] just so they can see what we've been doing in the last week. And then I have a report that's automatically generated and sent to me for all of my leases for the month. I use all three. Gauging, I use my phone the most, sending out reports, I'll use my computer and then whenever I'm in WiFi and I'm wanting to look and just see how the wells are doing, a lot of times I'll use my iPad.

[00:12:00] Yeah, so the results from GreaseBook that I've seen so far are really that the pumpers, it's almost like giving the pumpers a raise in time. [00:12:30] I'm paying for GreaseBook and it's very economical for me, but the pumpers have regained a lot of time. 

When they go out there and they're at the tank battery and they gauge that tank, they check on the well, they enter the information right there. And we have the tank straps already in GreaseBook. It is what it is. There's no, at the end of the month you're not going back and trying [00:13:00] to fix something. You're not trying to correct a formula in Excel. You're not, gathered together, you run tickets and mailing them in and if you lose a run ticket, then you're calling the purchaser to try to get another run ticket out there.

I really feel like it's been a huge benefit for the pumpers. For myself, being able to generate a production report and send it to my investors has been huge. [00:13:30] It's probably not a monetary thing, as much as just a service side that I'm able to provide now. And here recently we had a well go down with a hole in tubing and it was on a lease that doesn't make a whole lot, that pumper he was one of the guys that would send it in by hand. But with the app I was able to see, he sent a message or comment on the app that said, "Hey, we [00:14:00] have a well down with a possible hole in tubing." And I was able to see it that day where normally it would be a few weeks before I really see something like that because we just didn't communicate a whole lot.

He wouldn't call some times. And so that's been really big for me. And GreaseBook has some checks and balances built into it to where save you sell some oil, the opening gauge really needs to match the [00:14:30] last gauge with the pumper and you have to put in that strap first from the run ticket. And so you can see if your purchaser's gauge was three, four inches less than your last pumper's gauge, you might have a problem. You need to investigate that. And so it automatically flags that and you can go investigate that further. It's been great.


Dallas Golden


Golden Oil & Ranch


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