Bryant Theis 


DropTine Exploration

Medicine Lodge, KS

Matthew Ciardiello


Poplar Resources, LLC

Poplar, MT

Dallas Golden


Golden Oil & Ranch

Midland, TX

Nancy Burger

Administrative Mngr.

W.D. Short Oil Co.

Oxford, KS

Sam Wilson

Engineering Manager

Burk Royalty Co., LTD

Wichita Falls, TX

Nicholas Melosi


American Patriot

Houston, TX

W.D. Short Oil Co.

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"I expected GreaseBook to be a little bit harder to use but it's been very easy... I've been very happy with the results we've got from the app, any kind of technical assistance we've needed they get right back to us.

It's been a huge time savings and time is money in our business. I'm very pleased with the program!"

How simple is GreaseBook’s software to use for yourself and your pumpers?

Nancy: Greasebook is very easy to use. It's easy as an administrator to look at the information and get reports. It's also very easy for the pumper to fill in the daily information. It's easy to make corrections to any mistakes that might be made.

Introduce yourself and explain where you’re located and what your company does?

Nancy: I'm Nancy Burger with Deputy Short Oil Company. We’re a small independent oil producer in South Central Kansas.

How did you get into the business?

Nancy: My dad was a petroleum engineer and began acquiring his own production in the mid 1950’s. As the company grew, my mother became involved and took over the paperwork side of things. We're still a family owned and operated business.

What do you like most about the business?

Nancy: What I enjoyed most about the business is that every day is different. I like the variety. I also enjoy working with family and our loyal employees.

What was it like before you started working with GreaseBook?

Nancy: Before using Greasebook, our pumper would record the daily gauges using paper and pencil, and then he would text those gauges to me daily. And then at the end of the week, he would turn in his paper copies of the gauges, and then I would put them into a spreadsheet on the computer. So we had lots of duplication of efforts. And now, we can just record the gauges daily, everyone has access to look at them.

What specific problems were you trying to solve with GreaseBook’s software?

Nancy: The problem that I was hoping to resolve by using Greasebook was to reduce the amount of time that we were spending on duplicated efforts of recording our gauges and also the ease of which we could download reports and use that information to help us make decisions.

What makes GreaseBook stand out from other industry software you’ve seen or worked with in the past?

Nancy: I've not used any other software or anything out in the industry like Greasebook. All of ours was in house, just spreadsheets, so I don't have a lot to offer on this particular question.

What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from working with GreaseBook initially?

Nancy: The only obstacle that I considered whether to use respect or not was just the cost. And then I weighed that with the time that we were spending, uh, using our own system, and it seemed to be an offset.

What has exceeded your expectations and surprised you the most since working with GreaseBook?

Nancy: I expected Greasebook to be maybe a little harder to use than it actually is. It's very user friendly and it's been very easy to work with.

If a colleague or business associate was on the fence about trying GreaseBook, what would you tell them?

Nancy: If you're looking for something easy to use and easy to set up and get started, Greasebook is a good choice.

How is the usability of the GreaseBook app- How do you use it- computer, tablet, phone- or all of the above- Talk a little about how you use the app and where?

Nancy: Our pumper uses an iPad to record his gauges. I prefer using a computer to look at reports, running reports, but I also look at daily gauges on my iPhone. I would not recommend inter-engages on an iPhone as it is small and kind of hard to maneuver.

What type of results have you seen while working with GreaseBook?

Nancy: I've been very happy with the results that we've had with using Greasebook. Um, any kind of technical assistance that we've needed they get right back to us, and I'm just very pleased with the program.

Do you think the GreaseBook app is cost-effective for small and mid-sized independent oil and gas operators? And describe Why?

Nancy: I believe Greasebook is a cost effective measure for small and mid-sized independent oil and gas producers because it's a huge time savings. And time is money in our business.

What is one feature you wish GreaseBook had that they don’t right now?

Nancy: I can't really think of anything that Greasebook doesn't offer us.

If there was one thing GreaseBook could improve and make better, what would it be?

Nancy: I can't really think of anything that Greasebook needs to improve to make things better. They've been great to work with.


Nancy Burger 

Administrative Mngr.

W.D. Short Oil Co.


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