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"It didn't take long for us to see the benefit. 10 to 12 days into using the app, we noticed a drop in production. We messaged our partner in the field and he said he had also noticed the issue too and would take a look...

He got out there next day, zipped it up, and got it taken care of –  if we hadn't had the app we were probably looking at another 2 to 2.5 weeks of there being this issue. That said, GreaseBook paid for itself immediately which was really nice to see that instant gratification!"

So how simple is GreaseBook's software to use for yourself and your pumpers?

Brian: Oh, it's super easy for me. I mainly use it just to check our production, make sure the wells are going and making sure our pumpers are doing our job. But I've been talking with our pumpers just this week. A couple of them have had it for a while. One or two of them, I think, this is their first time using it. And they're blown away with how easy it is and very hesitant to begin with. I'm not good with technology. I'm not good with the phones and everything. I just told them it's not hard. It's a couple buttons really. And within only a couple of weeks, maybe they can't believe they've been writing it down on paper this long.

Brian: So for me, super helpful. Super easy. We've got a partner in Canada actually, so the main reason I wanted to get it was for him so he [00:03:00] can stay involved with us without having to do weekly check ins or whatever. So super helpful.

Can you introduce yourself and explain where you're located and what your company does?

Brian: Sure. Well my name's Brian [inaudible 00:03:22] and I'm acting as the controller for Drop Tine Exploration. We're based out of Medicine Lodge, Kansas. [00:03:30] We are just oil and gas operators. Small time right now, just getting started out. Three or four of us have gotten together and wanted to do our own thing and GreaseBook's really been helping us keep in contact, know what we're doing. We've all got other jobs. So that's really helpful that we can all stay on the same page without having to call each other nonstop.

How did you get into the business?

Brian: I got into the oil industry. A family friend of mine was an older fellow. He was 77 at the time. Needed an office employee and I had just graduated and had no clue what I wanted to do. So he hollered at me and said, "Any interest in running my office?" [00:04:30] And I thought, "Well I'm just graduated. Sure I'll try to run the office of an oil and gas company." So I went in there and I've learned the industry over the last five or six years. I feel knowledgeable but I'm sure there's a ton to learn. But that's how I got my start, was just a lucky phone call, really.

Oh it's interesting when situations like that present themselves in our lives.

Brian: Yeah, it's very odd but works out.

What do you like most about the business?

Brian: I like the fast pace, decision making. It is a big money industry. I do enjoy that. We've been involved with some smaller time deals and it's just... There's something about it when there's a lot on the line and you've got to make quick decisions with a lot of money. I [00:05:30] love that part of it. I've also really enjoyed the relationship side. Never really understood that coming in, how much you've really got to rely on relationships in this business. But that's pretty much all you have. In my limited experiences, you got to know your pumpers, know your service companies. Know your partners. It's all people in the industry so that's what I've learned [00:06:00] so far.

What was it like before you started working with GreaseBook?

Brian: Challenging. Like I said I got in the industry with another oil operator and we operate 175 wells roughly. And it's just chaotic. And that's among probably 10 or 15 pumpers. And we've got... We're doing it the old fashioned way. [00:06:30] My boss was an old guy and liked to do it a pencil and paper and get it in and get it onto a spreadsheet and go that way. And it just takes so long and you don't notice issues very fast and it's just... It was awful. I hated it. And so it's actually by luck, another GreaseBook [00:07:00] client works down the road from us here and I just got lucky talking to him said, "What do you guys do? How do you do this with this many wells?" And he showed me their GreaseBook platform and just said, "Wow, that looks super duper helpful." So chaotic, that's probably my best word for pre GreaseBook.

Sounds like you've had a lot of luck in your life.

Brian: Yeah (affirmative). Blessed in a lot of good people. That's one of those relationships that we've fostered and just brought us to a lot of good things. And GreaseBook is one of those.

I know you've touched on this earlier, but what specific problems were you trying to solve with GreaseBook?

Brian: A lot of it [00:08:00] for us is the geographical issues. We've got three partners around here and then one in Canada. So one of our big challenges is how do we keep everyone informed and on the same page and without... Like I said, we were calling each other nonstop the first couple of months of what's going on here? Okay, why is this well down after we sent the normal gauge sheets up to Canada? [00:08:30] And it just was tough to keep people informed. And that's really the hardest part I think. And we're young, so a lot of our partners want to know what's going on. "Are you guys really... Can you do this?" And so to be able to shoot them reports periodically, that's been a huge help too.

What makes GreaseBook stand out from other industry software that you've seen or maybe worked with in the past?

Brian: I haven't seen any others myself, but I can't fathom that there's much more to do.

And what was the obstacle that almost prevented you from working with GreaseBook?

Brian: I would say change, if there's any. It was getting people to just change their way of thinking and telling them that it is with an iPad or with a smart phone or something, that was not taken well by some of our older people. [00:10:00] And so they almost shut it down before we got started, but we kind of put an ultimatum of, "You're going to do this or we're going to have to go a different direction." And fortunately they stayed on and now they're loving it. And I'm spreading the word now myself to other operators and pumpers alike. If I was a contract pumper, I don't know why you wouldn't do something like this just for the price. I'm probably going off base there a little [00:10:30] bit, but yeah.

Oh no, it's great. And that's great to hear. So what has exceeded your expectations and surprised you the most since working with GreaseBook?

Brian: Oh man. All of it really. I really like a lot of the features myself. The reports and then the customizable [00:11:00] reports, I would say I didn't expect that coming in, that I'd be able to, finagle those the way I needed them to get it to show me what I want it to show me.

Brian: And then the other, tank by tank, being able to see our tank levels in each tank because some of them just, here's what I got in stock total. Well that doesn't help me a whole lot to be honest. I need to know what you've got in the tank right now in case I need to call on a short load or I need to... [00:11:30] If we're going to have weather, if it's worth me calling somebody to come out there and grab it. That's been really, really helpful. I'm sure there's a thousand things, to be honest that have been way more than I expected, but those are a few things that just stick out right away.

So if a colleague or a business associate was on the sense the fence about trying GreaseBook, what would you tell them?

Brian: I would highly recommend it. I touched on that a minute ago and I thought we might get to that, but I'm already recommending it to not only other operators but to pumpers and other people in the industry of, "Get on board. This should help you a lot." I've got some contract pumpers that I'm trying to push on right now too. These are guys that hand write their notes and hand-write their gauge sheets right now and [00:12:30] I just say, "You could do a lot for yourself." I think you could market yourself better if you say, "Hey, look I could pump your wells and every month, it's automated for me. I'll shoot out the reports. You can get a daily if you want. You can look at everything you want." I can't recommend it enough really. But [00:13:00] I'm trying to.

How is the usability of the GreaseBook app and how do you primarily use it with your computer or tablet, phone or all of the above? So just talk a little bit about how you use the app and where.

Brian: So I just use it as an admin account, so I don't use the app a ton myself. [00:13:30] I do use it on all platforms at my office right now. I'll use it on the actual computer. I've got this iPad that I'll use if I'm on the road or traveling or I don't want to get the laptop out and hook it all up. I'll get on there and check our reports and stuff. And then I also use my phone if I'm just messing around and don't want to take the time to get out another device. So I use it on all three devices and I love that, that I can do that. Get on there real quick, see what happened [00:14:00] for the day. But I have been talking to some of our pumpers who use the app and they say it's super easy.

Brian: And I've been on there just to look. We do have just a blanket pumper app in case we add more people. So I've been on there to check it out and just see. And it looks very, very similar to what I see on the admin side. And I've had to enter a few things. We've got some guys that get a little lazy and just say, "Hey, look, this made [00:14:30] this today. You want to throw it in there?" So I'm, "Sure." So I've played with it all and super easy. I love the versatility. It's just very easy and I think that's the best part.

What type of results have you seen while working with GreaseBook?

Brian: As far as production goes? Is that what you're saying?

Yes. Just the end value that you've received, the results that have come from the value of working with them.

Brian: It did not take long for us to see the benefit. It was about, I'm going to say 10 or 12 days into using it. We noticed a little drop-off in production and I messaged one of our other partners who's more in the field. Said, "Do you know what's going on here?" And he said, "Yeah, I noticed it too. I'm going to look out there tomorrow." And we went out there and it turned out there was... I'm not really [00:15:30] sure what the issue was, but there was an issue out there. And zipped it up and got it taken care of and it was done in a day or two. Whereas we were 10 or 12 days in the month, so we were probably looking at another two, two and a half weeks of there being this issue that didn't get resolved more than likely. So it paid for itself really fast for us, which was nice just to see that instant gratification.

That's wonderful. I'm so happy it's been so great for you.

Brian: It's wonderful.

So I can imagine your answer for this, but do you think the GreaseBook app is cost effective for small and mid sized independent oil and gas operators? And can you explain why?

Brian: Yes, I can say without any doubt in my mind, if you're a small operator and you're not using the GreaseBook or if there [00:16:30] is another app that's similar, I'm sure... But if you're not using something like this, you're really wasting money. Like I said, it took us 10 to 12 days for us to pay off that first month and I don't know how many more months going forward just in the production. Just noticing in real time that there is an issue, extremely important. 

And being able to see those reports and be able to print those reports and shoot it to your investors in a blink. It's hard [00:17:00] to put a dollar sign on that but a heck of a lot more than what they're charging, for sure.

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