Bryant Theis 


DropTine Exploration

Medicine Lodge, KS

Matthew Ciardiello


Poplar Resources, LLC

Poplar, MT

Dallas Golden


Golden Oil & Ranch

Midland, TX

Nancy Burger

Administrative Mngr.

W.D. Short Oil Co.

Oxford, KS

Sam Wilson

Engineering Manager

Burk Royalty Co., LTD

Wichita Falls, TX

Nicholas Melosi


American Patriot

Houston, TX

Burk Royalty Co., Ltd

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"The main obstacle that almost prevented us from using the GreaseBook was fear of implementation and fear of the unknown – but the thing that surprised me the most was the ease of use on the field side.

We had been using the same process to gather data for 30 or 40 years with little to no change. We were able to transition some employees who had never really used technology  including cell phones and computers... we were able to get them using GreaseBook and enjoying it in only a couple days.

Pretty quickly, they were preferring the use of GreaseBook over the old way of doing things!"

How simple is GreaseBook’s software to use for yourself and your pumpers?

Sam: Greasebooks software is extremely easy to use both on the pumper and the office side, and we were able to implement it with very little issues and just within a few days.

Introduce yourself and explain where you’re located and what your company does?

Sam: My name's Sam Wilson from Wichita Falls, Texas, and I work for Burk royalty company, which is a full service in the operating company. So we have some world of gas will spread out across Texas and Oklahoma. I got into the business mainly because mainly my friends and family working away on gas and kind of pushed me to the industry. My favorite thing about the industry is just the excitement that brings in a variety of problems I get to work on.

What was it like before you started working with GreaseBook?

Sam: Before we started using Greasebook, we were still utilizing some pretty old processes to gather production information related to the office, just a pen and paper and snail mail. So all of our data was really delayed, and it was hard to get accurate real time data.

What specific problems were you trying to solve with GreaseBooks software?

Sam: the main problems we were trying to solve with Greasebook. Was just kind of to refine and get a more efficient process for production data gathering to gather it in a more granular way. Daily instead of monthly real times, have delayed and just have a central location that we could store all our data and analyze it outside of just paper charts and tables.

What makes GreaseBook stand out from other industry software you’ve seen or worked with in the past?

Sam: I've been a user of three different production reporting Softwares and been part of the implementation team for two different software's, including GreaseBook. What makes Greasebook Stand out is the ease of implementation and ease of use. You can roll out a full field on greasebook, really within a week or two or less if you feel pretty small and the implementation on the field side is really easy. We were able to transition some employees that never really use technology, including cell phones and computers. In any real capacity, get them using greasebook enjoying within a couple days.

What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from working with GreaseBook initially?

Sam: The obstacle that almost for prevented me for using greasebook initially was just kind of fear of implementation, fear of the unknown. We've been using the same process to gather data over 30 or 40 years with really no change. And there was some fear of using technology and security and the use of use and how it works. Looking back i’m glad we made the switch. 

What has exceeded your expectations and surprised you the most since working with GreaseBook?

Sam: what exceeded my expectations the most was the ease of use on the field side. I'd use a handful of different programs that kind of had varying levels of use and how easy the order implement with people that are used to using technology. And I was really surprised how easy I could roll it out, really, with no issue. And the learning curve is really fast, and pretty quickly they were really preferring it to the old way they used to do things.

If a colleague or business associate was on the fence about trying GreaseBook, what would you tell them?

Sam: I'll tell them it's a lot easier than they think. After the level of product that you get, it's really easy to set up and implement. In the beginning, it's easy to roll out to field employees. It's very easy on the office side to analyze the production data and export the reports that you need kind of weekly or monthly or however you see fit.

How is the usability of the GreaseBook app- How do you use it- computer, tablet, phone- or all of the above- Talk a little about how you use the app and where?

Sam: usability of the Greasebook app is very high. We used it primarily use it on phones and tablets in the field. In the production data. Where really have very little complaints and issues from pumpers using a it , they're able to punch their numbers and on the go, there's very little confusion. And we've been surprised at how easy it is to use on the office side and using the computer Web application. It really didn't take any learning either, but all the data persons herself pretty well. You're able to export pretty easily any numbers that you need and reports that you need. We've been very pleased with usability.

What type of results have you seen while working with GreaseBook?

Sam: The biggest results we've seen with using Grease book have been efficiency and time savings. So efficiency and getting data to the office to be analyzed and getting accurate production data for all the wells that used to take a month to get in numbers. And he was at the monthly volume level on the daily level and then time savings with some of our month in reports increase book on the Web application and has a lot of built in monthly reports that export out really nice of you for what you need to submit to the state, and that saved us a lot of time and having Thio get the data into excel ourselves and manipulated before we send the report.

Do you think the GreaseBook app is cost-effective for small and mid-sized independent oil and gas operators? And describe Why?

Sam: the grease book APP is really cost effective for small and mid sized users, compared to some other products on the markets considerably cheaper, especially on the set upside. The monthly cost is really nominal for what you're getting. It's the return on investment is really high, especially compared with some of the other products that you see around.


Sam Wilson

Engineering Manager

Burk Royalty Co., LTD


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