greg greasebook | Pump More Oil, Waste Less Time Built exclusively for the smart independent oil & gas operator, GreaseBook is the only mobile oil field management solution built to run on an iPad
Introducing GreaseBook, the easiest, cheapest, slickest oil and gas data management solution the industry has ever seen. GreaseBook guarantees you a 2-4% increase in production with zero ramp-up time, no contracts, and a 110% money-back gaurantee. Ready? Set? Good.

Capture a 2-4% increase in
crude production


Eliminate 100% of all in-house field-related admin duties

Built exclusively for the smart independent oil & gas operator, GreaseBook is the only mobile oil field management solution built to run on an iPad*. We outfit and manage the necessary hardware for administration, management, and your entire pumping crew.. We offer a painless and complete field production management solution - lock, stock, and barrel. Turn us on, and go to work.
Imagine a crisp, easy-to-understand, high-level view
of your company's field operations...When has oil been sold off location? How much fluid is that new well producing each day? With GreaseBook, you'll have the answers to these questions, and you'll have them in real-time. GreaseBook provides you with production information that's not only accessible, but also visual and actionable. Flick through production charts and graphs. Zoom into specific data sets. No more pen and paper gauge sheets. No faxed reports. No "phoning it in". No delays.
Every iPad is enveloped in a ruggedized, tough-as-nails field case. What if you manage to lose or break one? We'll overnight another, anywhere Fed-Ex delivers.
Transform the art of pumping into a science. Instead of committing important production information to memory, your pumpers will have direct access to historical production info on-site, in the field. Why is this advantageous? When gauging a tank, your pumpers will be instantly aware of whether the production is over, short, or just right - allowing pumpers to recognize problems before they begin. By giving pumpers a complete history of production volumes and pressures, you'll eliminate under production.With GreaseBook, a pumper with 6 months of experience will perform like a 10 year veteran - and those "veterans" will make fewer mistakes.
Faster Problem Resolution: Eliminate redundant administrative duties and change the game. The 2009 IPAA "Profile of Independent Producers" annual release states that Labor and General Administration are two of the operator's largest cost centers. But with GreaseBook, you're gonna make these two areas a heck of a lot more efficient. How?

For example, pumpers use their iPads to take a photo of run tickets in the field. An image of the run ticket immediately arrives to your desk where it can be used to cross-reference purchaser reports. The task of comparing monthly purchaser reports against run-tickets, then tying everything back to your accounting numbers will be reduced to minutes. What if a discrepancy is found? An image of your run ticket can be emailed to your purchaser at the touch of a button...
Empower your company's human capital. Large amounts of data isn't helpful - information should be qualified before reaching your office. Alerting you only to "anomalies" in the field, GreaseBook brings focus to production-centric activities that reduce downtime and increase your bottom-line. Production & engineering staff will be completely attuned to production trends and immediately made aware of any problems in the field. This allows for the scheduling of work overs and booking of service providers ASAP. Every well will be online and producing at full capacity, maximizing every person's ability to perform as a profit center for your business.


GreaseBook transforms traditional paper-based workflows and improves the way your staff records and tracks vital production information. As a rule of thumb, every administrator reclaims 4 days per month that were previously spent organizing paperwork and transcribing data.

Import all production information from GREASEBOOK right to your accounting system with ease

Never encounter a missing, wrong, or greasy run-ticket again

Compile & produce monthly production reports for State and bank requirements in seconds

All run tickets are stored on GREASEBOOK's servers for future reference

What are the on/off times for a specific pump? When was the last time we made a pump change? What are the fluid production numbers at our new well? Over the last month, have the pressures at a specific lease held steady? What about over the last year? When was the last time a pumper visited a specific lease?

These are all questions for which your foreman or engineer should have an immediate answer to, and with GreaseBook, they will. All production information that is collected and entered on-site by your pumpers is immediately updated and visible to our users, whether they're in their truck or at the office. Never again track-down a pumper to remind him to submit a gauge sheet or run-ticket. Zero transposition errors. Just good, clean, immediate data.



Us vs. Them: We dare you to find a better field data collection system.
Where in the world did we come from? We see a new trend in the making, an opportunity. This isn't a simple an improvement over existing solutions, it's a fundamental breakthrough. 8-Day gauge sheets on their best day cannot be interactive. Fax machines and phone reports on their best day cannot run themselves. File cabinents and Excel-based
production reports on their best day cannot provide quick answers to important questions, and can't aggregate all of your information and display it in a way that's easy to act on. GreaseBook can. GreaseBook wants you to know that a new wave is coming, and that we intend to domesticate this technology explicitly for the small oil & gas operator.
What makes GreaseBook different from other field data collection systems? Unlike other data collection software, GreaseBook does everything short of mend fences. Do you think we're crazy? Good. We are the only plug-and-play system on the market. We even own and maintain our own servers to store and retrieve your data.

No set-up fees. No software to install. No bull-ogna.


Walk away at any time.

free call support

It's on GreaseBook's dime.

no training fees

Got twenty minutes?
Now we both know talk is cheap. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. So put us to the test. Search online. Find your best alternative
(trust us, there isn't one). Not only will GreaseBook give you a better solution, we'll give you a better price. How is GreaseBook able to offer so much in
exchange for so little? We're not hucksters. We're just doing good work of increasing options for smart independent oil & gas operators.


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